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Are you flossing correctly? Do you make sure to put forth an adequate amount of effort each time you floss to ensure you do the job correctly? Simply going through the motions may not be enough to protect your mouth as well as you could be. A lazily done flossing session could leave excess food particles between your teeth and gums.

Never skip out on improving your oral health care. Here are some common tips that may be able to improve your dental flossing:

– Never use random materials for dental floss.  Only use floss or interdental cleaners recommended by your dentist.

– Choose dental floss that has the American Dental Association ADA Seal of Acceptance.

– Prevent damage to your teeth and gums by flossing softly and safely.

– When flossing, use a piece between 16-20 inches in length. Move to a different section of thread for each tooth. Use a gentle motion to move to or from each tooth.

– Don’t forget to floss between every single tooth and behind your back teeth.

– Always floss at least once per day.

– Avoid using floss that can easily tear or fray.

– Be sure to visit your dentist at Mark L. Pitel, DMD, PC for your professional cleanings as scheduled.

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