Recontouring Your Smile

Although you already have a great smile, wants to assist you with any small chips or minor blemishes you may want fixed. Recontouring is an easy, quick procedure to reshape any of your teeth and give you your best smile. A small chip in the tooth, pits or bulges in the tooth’s enamel, irregular tooth… Read more »

What You Should Know About Your Teeth and Your Genetics

You probably know that genetics impact practically every part of you, including your eye color and your height. However, have you heard that your smile will also be affected by your genetics? Unfortunately, this leaves some people more vulnerable to cavities than others, even if they care for their teeth well. Your genetics can also… Read more »

Customize Your Smile with Dental Crowns

Customize your smile with dental crowns. Due to the material used in the assembly of dental crowns, they can be adjusted based on looks, shape, size, and even color. Not only will dental crowns make your smile look better, they can even protect broken teeth from future decay. Here are just a few of the… Read more »

Elderly Oral Health Habits

Optimum oral health habits are paramount for all ages but are especially true for the elderly. A lifetime of exposure to the risks and dangers of the world on your teeth may have left your teeth in a weakened state, or more susceptible to future damage and decay. However, as long as you continue to… Read more »

Ways to Effectively Whiten Your Teeth

If your teeth have become discolored or stained over time, and you are looking to reverse these effects through a whitening treatment in , , you are not the only one! Many Americans are also looking to have whiter teeth. The yearly average cost that Americans spend on tooth whitening products totals $1.4 billion, and… Read more »

A Tooth Lost to a Sports-Related Dental Avulsion Can Sometimes Be Replaced by a Bridge

Vigorous athletic activities and contact sports pose significant risk of injury. Beyond bruises and joint injuries, athletes who fail to use an applicable mouthguard are also at risk of a blow to the face knocking a tooth out. Most of these dental avulsions cause so much damage to the tooth and the anchoring socket that… Read more »

The Facts About Oral Infections

Would you be surprised to learn that dental infections were actually considered the third most common cause of death before antibiotics were available? Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to prevent or to deal with dental infections–and a few ways you can recognize these issues. Still, there are several other issues… Read more »

Benefits of Dental X-Rays

During your annual 6-month visit with Dr. at in , , you’ll have an X-ray taken of your teeth. While it may be obvious that an X-ray is a great tool to help your dentist spot cavities that may escape the naked eye, there are other benefits to getting a dental X-ray. Let’s look at… Read more »

Are You Flossing Correctly?

Are you flossing correctly? Do you make sure to put forth an adequate amount of effort each time you floss to ensure you do the job correctly? Simply going through the motions may not be enough to protect your mouth as well as you could be. A lazily done flossing session could leave excess food… Read more »

A Badly Decayed Tooth Might Need a Bridge Restoration

Without timely treatment, a large cavity can spread throughout and within a tooth. If the salient tooth decay causes an infection deep within the root or socket, the problem might be so severe that your dentist, Dr. , might need to fully extract the tooth. Once your gums have healed, can help you replace the… Read more »