We accept and work with most dental plans that allow you to go to any dentist of your choosing and participate in a limited number of “preferred provider” plans. Because of our commitment to excellence, we do not participate in plans that attempt to interfere with professional judgment, limit treatment options, or otherwise impair our ability to render quality care to our patients.

Even if we do not “participate” in your particular dental plan, you may still be able to use it at our office. On your first visit, please be sure to bring in a copy of your employee handbook and any other insurance information that pertains to your dental plan. You will also need to bring in a completed and signed dental claim form.

Please understand that dental insurance plans vary widely as to which procedures are covered, deductibles, limitations and benefits/maximums paid. While we will make every effort to help you understand and estimate possible insurance benefits, we can never guarantee any estimate or insurance payment.

Any balances due for your treatment after insurance has paid are your responsibility. It is illegal within New York or any other state to waive co-payments or to adjust patient balances after the carrier has paid its share. Insurance claims not paid or processed by your carrier within 60 days of our billing them become the responsibility of the patient and are due at that time.