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When looking at the many issues involved with the development of mouth sores, Dr. Mark L. Pitel’s clinic here in Poughkeepsie, New York, want to help identify infections and discover the cause of your mouth sores. The solution may simply be the types of food you eat (whether they are too hot or acidic), viruses, ill-fitting dentures to braces, or another root cause. Another cause may be oral cancer but this is usually the last option in the cause of your mouth sore.

To get rid of most infections and mouth sores, ointments can usually solve this irritating issue; however, there may be factors to some sores and infections that aren’t seen because of habits or what you ingest. This can be because of an infected tooth or gums, and due to these type of cases, your dentist will most likely prescribe an oral antibiotic to get rid of the infection or may have to perform a procedure depending on the area of the sore.

To discover the cause of your mouth sores, keep a record of the foods and drinks you ingest which in turn could be helpful in to determine whether what you eat or drink is the cause. Most mouth sores will heal on their own, but sometimes the treatment or care you take can help.

Other things to help rid your mouth of sores is to quit chewing tobacco, smoking, or even just cooling off hot beverages before drinking them. You can also consider getting your vitamin and hormone levels checked out to see if there are any imbalances (these can help infections to occur). Following these steps, you can help get rid of your sores and infections. If after two weeks you still have mouth sores, give Mark L. Pitel, DMD, PC a call at 845-454-0790 to schedule a consultation or appointment. Dr. Mark L. Pitel and our professionals here in Poughkeepsie, New York, want to help you today!