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When Dr. Mark L. Pitel originally installed your bridge, it was intended to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, there are times when something like an accident or a blow to the face can damage your bridge or one of the abutments that anchor it in your mouth.

If any part of your bridge is damaged, has a dull ache, or you feel pain when chewing, it will require immediate attention by Dr. Mark L. Pitel. The longer you wait, the more likely the damaged bridge is to cause serious complications.

It’s important that you don’t play with the bridge with your tongue or attempt to wiggle it. You also should not attempt to brush, floss, or clean around the damaged bridge. The more you manipulate it, the more likely you are to damage the bridge or one of the abutments. If you have blood or debris in your mouth from a blow to the face, you can rinse it away with lukewarm salt water.

Manipulating the bridge could cause further damage and serious complications. Any cleaning should be left to Dr. Mark L. Pitel.

In some cases, Dr. Mark L. Pitel can replace the damaged bridge and cement a new one in its place.

If your bridge is loose or otherwise damaged, you need to call Dr. Mark L. Pitel as soon as possible at 845-454-0790 to schedule an appointment.