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You probably know that genetics impact practically every part of you, including your eye color and your height. However, have you heard that your smile will also be affected by your genetics?

Unfortunately, this leaves some people more vulnerable to cavities than others, even if they care for their teeth well. Your genetics can also affect the size and shape of your teeth, which can also impact how you should clean your pearly whites. Some individuals are also more susceptible to gum disease and other problems.

However, please note that you shouldn’t try to blame genetics for cavities and other issues. Regardless of your genes, you will want to care for your smile well if you’re hoping to avoid gum disease, cavities, and other complications. As you might already know, you should brush your teeth twice a day, but did you know that you should brush for two minutes at a time? You should also floss daily to clean the areas you can’t, and shouldn’t, clean with your brush. Using mouthwash and following a diet can also help you avoid oral health issues. And finally, we highly recommend maintaining regular professional dental cleanings. 

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