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Your healthiest smile often depends on eating healthy products. If you fail to routinely protect your teeth by consuming vast amounts of unhealthy sweets and treats, your teeth may be at several oral health risks. You cannot protect your teeth with cleaning habits alone if you are not employing healthy options throughout your lifestyle and your diet as well. To keep your smile safe, you might need to limit unhealthy sweets from your meals.

You should also use caution when consuming any products that are extremely acidic–including sour candy. Sour candy has been known to have extremely high acidic content levels that can be nearly the same as car battery acid. To help protect your tooth enamel, you could avoid acidic products that can easily damage your tooth enamel. Be aware that plaque buildup in your mouth can also convert harmful products such as sugars and carbs into acids capable of eating through your tooth enamel.

However, dental erosion and tooth decay are not the only risks to your oral health due to your diet. Several products have also been known to chip and crack teeth or even knock teeth completely out. If you find yourself biting on extremely hard things like candy canes or corn on the cob, don’t bite down too hard, as you may suffer severe dental damage. In several instances, you may want to avoid biting them altogether.

Did you know that sticky and chewy sweets can linger in your mouth and increase your risk of plaque buildup and tooth decay? It’s true because any products that find themselves lodged between your teeth and gums or sticking to your mouth have more time to damage your teeth and gums. They can also be difficult for you to wash away, so exercise caution with any products that are extremely sticky or chewy. For additional help with your oral health or for professional cleanings to help wash away harmful debris, visit your dentist.

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